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Client Grow West Continues to Expand in Cumberland

Grow West MD, LLC, Greenwill’s newest client, recently held a grand opening Wednesday for their newly establish drive-thru lane. Since coming to Western Maryland, the Company has invested nearly $14 million locally and hired 100 employees. Grow West is owned by the Valois family.

“We are from downstate, but the purpose for us coming here is because we wanted to bring jobs to this area and stave off what we see happening to small towns throughout the U.S.,” said William Valois. “We don’t mind investing here at all. It is important for us to give back. We’ve moved up and we are all in for Cumberland and Allegany County. We are very proud that we can offer good paying jobs for the area.”

The company installed an extensive grow operation in the former Kelly-Springfield Tire Co. complex on Kelly Road in March 2018, and recently opened a dispensary in South Cumberland.

Brandon Butler, of the Greenwill Consulting Group commented, “Grow West has invested almost $14 million in this community since they arrived here in early 2018,” said Butler. “Not only have they invested in capital, but in human capital with hiring about 100 employees. It is hard to find another business that is investing this heavily in the community like Grow West.

“That is why we are here today, to show off the new drive-thru but to focus on what Grow West is doing. They are investing at a time when we are unfortunately seeing some (businesses) close their doors. Grow West is investing time and time again in this community.” 

To read more… visit the Cumberland Times/News story at: https://www.times-news.com/news/local_news/grow-west-opens-drive-thru-lane/article_4dacda31-8335-5a9c-b1fa-925eb98b47e1.html