92 Franklin Street, Annapolis, MD

Our History

We get questions about our name and why our founder, Mr. Ivan V. Lanier, named us “Greenwill.” Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the color green, although we have chose to embrace it loud and proud. Our name, “Greenwill Consulting Group” is actually a tribute to Ivan’s father, Mr. Willie Green Lanier. Mr. Lanier raised eight children and worked as a factory worker, a forklift operator, for 35 years for Kimberly Clark. Originally from Danville, Virginia, and a participant of the Great Migration, Mr. Green was dedicated to providing his children with opportunity. When our founder, Mr. Ivan Lanier founded his firm, he decided to pay homage to his father’s work ethic and love for his family, and named our firm, “Greenwill”.