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Strategic Planning

Preparing a roadmap for  expansion and growth

We’ve all seen it. A governmental entity creates a strategic plan. It’s heralded as a game-changer that will be a road map for generations to come. After countless hours, focus groups and steering committee meetings, drafting and re-drafting, the plan gets placed on a shelf never to be consulted again… at least until the next strategic plan begins to get developed.

strategic planning

Our professionals at Greenwill have been there. Simply put, a strategic plan that is never implemented is not a strategy or a plan. Greenwill’s track record of building strategy that:

  • Incorporates a plan of attack by capturing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Moves your plan toward  execution by developing  measurable goals and benchmarks
  • Builds coalitions to ensure you aren’t executing the strategy alone

Let us help you take your plan from ideation to execution.