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Telling your story to your customers, your community, and your funders

Is your message getting out to your target audience? Did you answer that question with, “well, I have a website or a social media account?” Then, we need to talk. Greenwill’s team can assist you in telling YOUR story. Our team has successfully developed messaging campaigns that change narratives, inspire change, are focused on strategies and goals and not merely just responding to whatever emergency is thrown at you.

Whether you need help with developing a public relations strategy, executing on developing a social media brand, or advocating to current and potential funders in the most succinct and effective way possible, let Greenwill’s team build solutions around your needs. Contact us today.

Grant Writing

Where to begin? You find a grant opportunity from a state or federal agency. It’s 20 to 30 pages long, and they want you to respond to each prompt effectively and completely in 10 pages or less… oh and you have less than a month to do it. Let Greenwill’s team of professionals assist you and your organization in placing your proposal in the best light possible. Greenwill’s professionals have a proven track record of garnering community support for large scale initiatives, and drafting successful grant applications.

Here are just some examples of some of the work executed by Greenwill’s team of professionals

A Public Relations Case Study: InAllegany

Allegany County, Maryland is a lot like many rural communities in the Appalachian region. Cumberland, its County Seat, was once the second largest city in Maryland. Dubbed the “Queen City” of Maryland, this community saw major manufacturers come and, unfortunately, go over the years leaving the community with the feeling that the area’s youth had to leave in order to obtain opportunities.

The InAllegany campaign was carefully crafted to be a trusted member of the community. While others were focused on the negative, the InAllegany campaign focused on the good things happening in the community. By building a network of influencers, the site began to get immediate traction. Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, InAllegany became an immediate source of information. InAllegany created a one-stop-shop web page for government and local updates with the functionality to find resources and offer support. InAllegany’s message was simple: “Social Distancing may be what helps flatten the curve, but building strong community partnerships is what is going to help us survive and thrive.”

The site (resources.inallegany.org) told stories of Hometown Heroes, individuals who went above and beyond for their communities. It was a clearinghouse for small businesses needing assistance fast. It was a place where the community could find the nearest restaurants serving carry-out or curbside meals. In short, it was a way to quickly build a community response to a situation no one had dealt with before.