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Economic & Workforce Development

Creating communities through talent  development

Greenwill has worked with a growing number of forward thinking government entities to find innovative ways to attract businesses to their communities. Through business attraction efforts, Greenwill has successfully worked with nationally and internationally recognized firms, and communities in developing incentive packages that maximize available local, state, and federal economic development incentives.

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Workforce Development

Now more than ever, human capital is a company or organization’s best resource. Yet, employers often say that their most time consuming and costly activity is employee  retention and development. Essentially, employers are looking for individuals that can  show up on time, ready to work, and who are dependable. Developing a pipeline of trained, dedicated staff is key to an organization’s growth, and in the age of COVID-19, it is essential for a business’s very survival.

Let Greenwill’s team of professionals assist you in developing workforce development strategies that increase your chances in obtaining and retaining the right people for your positions, while identifying key funding sources to stretch training funding for maximum benefit.